Deer Park Community Church
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalms 42:1)

Raleigh Church Members Gain Spiritual Growth through Summer Retreat


Deer Park community church members harvest breakthrough and joy for individual faith and church mission. This summer retreat is a mark of Raleigh church go strong.
Brother Dustin, sister Domita, Laloni, Mantilla, Vicki, Jodi, plus minister family total nine people join this retreat and we have a strong unity through this retreat. Domita testifies that how God preotec her from suicide when she was thirteen and preserve her from 911 world trade center criminal plane attack and how God's kindness lead her to deep repentance and become mature in faith and now she can give thanks to God for many things. She grow from a broken family and go to a broken family later. There is no hope for her but amazingly God give her salvation on the day of her brother's death. Now she is a new creature in Jesus and she bless many people by sharing gospel in jail. " many people are in jail because they do wrong, but many more people are put into spiritual jail by listening to the lie of Devil ". she comfort and strengthen many brothers in Christ.

Vicki also testifies that How she suffer in abusive background family and she used to hate Chinese because they accuse her. She never know who is her father and she live like a orphan, but she knows that God is the true farther and this father give her healing and recovery. She is very thankful that God gives her Deer park church pastor frank and leah, she receive love and she love church pastors.
Dustin also join this retreat voluntarily and make a mark in his faith and he experience the joy and peace. everyone from Raleigh learn a lot about how to prepare retreat and how to make faith journey with faith.
Raleigh minister realize that this retreat strengthen the unity of church member and it is a turn point to expand mission and bless more neighbors. More new leaders will be raised in church and for the purpose of kingdom work. Amen. 

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