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As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalms 42:1)

Mini-Retreat on Genesis Successfully Concluded

mini retreat


A Mini-Retreat was held at Deer Park Community Church from September 9 to 11th ,2016 during which attendants learned of the lesson of the path of Abraham, Issac and Jacob from Genesis. Through the retreat, attendants grown in faith to follow the footstep of the father of faith and came to a deeper understanding of the history of God.

The theme of the retreat is "You will be a blessing". On the Opening Service on Friday night, Pastor Frank delivered the messaged from Genesis 12 regarding the calling of Abraham. How Abraham set up faith to follow God to leave his home land in a old age without knowing where he is going. Attendants learned about God's calling and the lesson of faith and obedience.

On the coming day of Saturday, Pastor Frank and Pastor Leah in turns delivered 4 bible studies during which members learn of the path of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The retreat concluded on Sunday with 1 bible study and the Sunday Service and attendants enjoys graceful fellowship afterward.

"I have grown so much during this time of retreat. I am so grateful that I can hear these messages and have an understanding of the path of the ancestor of faith. Just like Abraham, I was called by God in my old age and like jacob, my life has gone through many trials and suffering. It touched me that Jacob preserved and gain victory and became a great ancestor of faith. It has encouraged me so much to follow God and his calling." Vicki shared.

"it is the first time, I am able to take off and sit down for the whole time to enjoy the message. I am so thankful that i can come and join this retreat. I learned so much through this time of retreat and grow in faith. The message is so profound and helped me to open my eyes to see the history of God. I am very encouraged by the lesson of the ancestor of faith and wish i could be the one to follow their footstep as well." Neil shared.

Deer Park gave thanks for God who is growing and guiding each members. The church is planning to hold monthly Mini-Retreat through which members can be strengthen and raise up Kingdom-Driven leaders to serve the community. 



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