Deer Park Community Church
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalms 42:1)

Wednesday Service: Whoever Loses Their Life for me Will Find It

Minister Leah delivered the message titled "whoever loses their life for me will find it" on the Wednesday Service of September 19th, 2018 in Deer Park Church. The message is taken from Matthew 18: 21-28.

"This is the teaching Jesus gave the disciples after Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ. He taught the way of life and the path of a Christian who has confessed the Lord as their savior which is the path of cross and resurrection. Just like Peter, who viewed the path of the cross as a path the Lord should avoid, we too have this image like Peter who tried to avoid the path of the cross. In human's perspective the path of the cross which Jesus took is foolish and something miserable. Yet, this is the path that leads to life and true glory in the eyes of God. Sometimes, what seems to be right according to the human perspective can be the voice of Satan.

When we walk the path to follow Christ, there are temptations from Satan that lead us away from the path of the cross. Instead, we go to take the path to receive worldly glory.  However, no matter how successful and glorious it may be, all ends in death and vain, as Solomon said: "Meaningless, meaningless".  The life without God ends in death, and our soul could not been truly satisfied. Although the path of cross has many difficulties, there is the presence of God. Even through tribulation, our love and faith towards God can grow even deeper which produce the true joy and satisfaction in our soul.  After the cross, there is the resurrection.  Just as Peter who has been transformed greatly after the experience of seeing the resurrected Lord, we too should have this faith of resurrection so that we can endure the process of the cross and follow the Lord firmly, " share Minister Leah. 



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