Deer Park Community Church
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalms 42:1)

Deer Park Wednesday Service:Servant of Christ Jesus

Minister Leah delivered the message titled " Servant of Christ " from Romans 1: 1-5 on the Wednesday Service in Deer Park Community Church.

"Paul began the greeting to the believer in Romans by introducing himself. The church in Roman is a church not planted by Paul. They may have heard of his name, but have never met him. How Paul is going to introduce himself and who he is? Usually when people introduce themself, they like to use the most noble title they have like their good occupation, the good university they graduated from, or their noble citizenship. If we look at Paul's background, he can introduce himself in other ways which people are usually proud of. In Philippians 3:4-6, we can know that Paul is a Pharisee, while at that time, being a pharisee is something a person will be very proud of. He is also very well trained in the law studying under the famous Israel teacher Gamaliel and also a Roman citizen.  And he used to be very proud of all these achievement and background that he had. Yet, in the letter, he called himself a servant which means a slave at that time which is the lowest position in the society. By using the term servant, Paul is introducing himself as the one who belong to Christ completely, his will is completely summit to Christ, his life belong to Christ. And he is very proud of being a servant of Christ. In Philippians 3:7-11, Paul said that he has consider all these great titles and background he has as rubbish since he found that this righteous he receive did not come from achieving the law, but thought Christ by God's grace. He used to be the enemy of Christ, yet Christ came to him in his anger and hatred towards Christians and called him to be his apostle. This unconditional love and forgiveness came to Him which transform him to a different person. He changed his name from Saul to Paul which means the little one. And willingly he made himself as the servant like Christ did being a servant of love. "

"And inside of Paul, there is the firm identity of being an Apostle. Even there are many people challenge his qualification of Apostleship. Paul is firmed with his calling and said in Galasion 1:1 that he did not become a Apostle by men's will, but by the grace and will of God. Apostle means the sent one. Each one of us too, we came to this world by the will of God, and it is God who has sent and called us to the position well we served.  There are the plan and will of God in our life that we need to deeply meditate and realize. "

"And he introduce himself as the apostle for the gospel of God. He live his life completely for the gospel. And the gospel is Jesus Christ, his life itself is the gospel that he lower himself to come into this world dying for the sinners. The gospel is his life, his cross and resurrection.  Paul's life is deeply transformed by this love of Christ and the gospel that he devoted himself to become the messenger of the gospel.  And may this love of Christ, this life of the gospel can be deeply planted inside of us, that we can also become the servant of the gospel of Christ." Minister Leah shared.  



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