Deer Park Community Church
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalms 42:1)

Deer Park Mini Retreat Concluded with Abundant Grace

mini retreat mini retreat

Deer Park Community Church in Chapel Hill North Carolina held a Mini Retreat on September 29th to 30th, 2018. The them of the retreat is " The Righteous Shall live by Faith" during which members learned Romans chapter 1 and 3.  

Pastor Frank delivered the first bible study from Romans 1: 18 -19 during which attendants learned the proof of the existent of God. "From where we know God exist, in Romans Paul clearly pointed out that firstly through the creation. When we observe the university, the nature, everything is very in order which reveal to us the great work of the creator who designed everything perfectly. And second is our spirit and conscience. In Psalms 42:1, it describes how thirsty our soul is longing for God. We were created as the being who longs for God and can not live without God. When we commit sin, the conscience God places inside of us will condemn us. So the conclusion is that there is no excuse, God has clearly reveal His existent to us." Minister Frank shared.

On the second bible study, Pastor Leah taught from Romans 1: 21-32 about the original of sin which is godlessness. Although we know God, yet, there is inside of man a heart does not want to seek God, trying to ignore him in our life. When our heart is not filled by God and His love, man can not help but seek somethings else to satisfy the emptiness inside of us which leads to idolatry, sexual impurity and homosexual.

The retreat concluded with the Sunday Sermon during which Pastor Frank delivered the message from Romans 3 regarding the salvation by Jesus Christ through faith. " We can not be saved by going to church or by our good work but only through believing in Jesus Christ who die for our sin. The first step for salvation is to realize that I am a sinner and I can not save myself. Second is to know that Jesus is the only way for Salvation and lastly we must receive him as our personal savior." he shared. 



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