Deer Park Community Church
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalms 42:1)

Wednesday Service: Therefore, Keep Watch

Pastor Leah delivered the message from Matthew 25: 1-13 titled "Therefore, keep watch" on the Wednesay Service of October 3rd, 2018.

"This parable shows the attitude church and believers should have while preparing for at the edge of the age, when the kingdom of God come. It is God's plan and his will for His kingdom to come on to the earth, but at the same time there is our responsibility to build the kingdom of God on earth together with Him. In the parable, the bridge groom is Christ and the virgins can be church or believers. The difference of the wise virgin and the foolish virgin is the wise one has prepare oil together with their lamps.

The question is Why didn't the foolish virgin prepare oil? In another parable in Luke 12: 35-48, there recorded the servant who is unfaithful because he thought his master is taking a long time in coming while his master came in a time he does not expected. If we are certain that for example, the hurricane is coming, we will prepare water, food, gas ahead of time. But if the hurricane delay a long time to come, then we may  lost the tension and think the hurricane will never come. The foolish virgin must have lost the urgency for waiting for the bridge groom after a long wait and thinking may be the bridge groom will never come. That can be the image of many churches and believers now a day, losing the vision for the kingdom of God and just live enjoying personal life without thinking about God's will and the great commission to build His kingdom. Church can lost the passion for sharing the gospel if we lost the hope for His kingdom to come. However, just as Jesus said, only those who endure and preserve until the end will overcome. As a farmer, we need to endure the time of hard labor in order to bare fruit.  The early disciples and Apostle they live with this kind of urgency for God's kingdom to come.  

The problem of the foolish virgin are that they run out of oil. For believers, oil symbolize the Holy Spirit, God's grace which we gain as we listen to His word. When will we fail to recognize the time of the Lord's coming?  In Thessalonians 5:1-6,  it shows us that the one who are the children of light will know the date and time. But if we belong to the dark, the Lord will come at a time we do not expected him. We are as the lamp, and the Lord is the light, believers should be the burning lamp that has oil to shine the light of Christ.  And the grace comes to us individually that we need to strive to receive. No one can take our place. But we are lazy like the foolish virgin who didn't prepare the oil, we can easily fell asleep.

The foolish virgin lost the time to welcome the bridegroom since they fail to think of the time of the Lord. In Mark 11: 12-14, it shows the parable where Jesus curse the fig tree. The Jews just like the foolish virgin fail to recognize the time of the Lord's coming and fail to participate in the history of the kingdom of God. It said that it is not the season for fig, yet the Lord is asking for fruit. We need to know that there is the time of the Lord, while he will come to ask us for fruit. If we live only with ourselves as the center without matching to God's timing, we will fail to bare fruit. Just like a farmer need to know the time and season in order to sow his seed, we need to open our eyes to see God's time instead of living being only confined in our own situation and time. " Minister Leah shared. 



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