Deer Park Community Church
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalms 42:1)

Sunday Service: Why Don’t You Involve Me?


Pastor Leah delivered the sermon for the Sunday Service on October 7th taken from John 2:1-12 titled "Why Don't You Involve Me?".

This is the first miracle Jesus performed in which he changed water into vine. Not only we believe in Jesus because of seeing miracle, what is more important is that our life should be changed. The transformation of life itself is the greatest miracle. Why should we believe in Jesus? What changes will be brought into our life if we believe in Christ? The answer is inside today's message.

Here recorded this wedding banquet where they ran out of vine. The mother of Jesus came to Jesus and asked for help. But the answer of the Lord is so cold 'why do you involve me?' Jesus is saying that, it is not related to him, not his business. What has to be done that it can be a banquet related to Christ? When we look at life, it is like a banquet, who should be the owner of the banquet? It should be Christ. We always compare the relationship we have with Christ is like the bride groom and bride. However, in this banquet, Jesus is merely invited to the banquet as a quest in which he is not the master or the owner. This is only a worldly banquet. What is the image of the worldly banquet? They run out of wine. This is the image of the world, though there is happiness when your desire is filled, but it does not last long. It begins as good, but as time goes by, it goes worse.

Do you feel that in your life, the wine has run out? There is the good news, in the time when they run out of wine, there is the wisdom of the mother of Jesus that come to ask Jesus to come and intervine. The Lord is the one who can turn our life which is like water back to wine. There is the question Jesus will ask us "why don't you involve me?" If in our life we lost the happiness and joy, we need to check that whether the Lord is truly the master of our life. In the thing I do, and relationship we have, is Christ really involved? Many times, we may find out that although we are Christians, he can be in of our life only as a quest when we fail to entrust to Him our whole selves. We can still be thinking and acting in secular ways in our relationship and things we do that he is not truly involved. At this time, we need to invite Him, and let him truly be the master and owner. Many times, the things the Lord commands us to do is like pouring water into the jar, it doesn't feel like wine from the beginning, not pleasing to our flesh. Yet when we obey and continue to seek Him and his truth, when the quantity piles up, the quality changes. The life in Christ is different from the life in the world. Though it may begin not as exited but as time goes by it becomes better and better.

"From this message I realized I need to let Christ be the owner of my life instead of letting him be just a guest," shared one Church attendee.  



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