Deer Park Community Church
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalms 42:1)

Our Pastors & Staff

Reverend Samuel Kim SENIOR PASTOR

Samuel Kim is currently serving as the Senior Pastor of Deer Park Community Church to guide and supervise the pastoral staffs in all aspects of administration and management of the church. By remembering the love and humility of Jesus Christ, he wishes to serve and work together with his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at Deer Park Church, following the Great Commission from the Lord. He believes that the gospel of Jesus Christ can not only change the city of Raleigh but also the entire nation and the whole world. He and his wife have one daughter together.


Frank Lan serves as Assistant Pastor in Deer Park. As one of the preaching pastor of Deer Park, Lan has great passion to preach the Gospel of God and sincere love for His people. His pastoral care covers the ministry of Chinese congregation as well as educational programs for different age groups of the church. He is happily married to Leah Peng who is also an assistant of Deer Park, having one daughter.


Leah Peng serves Deer Park as Assistant Pastor. She has great passion to share the Gospel of Christ through outreach and evangelism and is also one of the preaching pastors of Deer Park. Her pastoral care covers the ministry of the youth group and Family. She is the wife of Frank Lan and their daughter Ruth Lan was happily added to the family in 2015.


Neil Deasy is currently serving as the Director of Music Department. He has great passion to serve God leading worship and guiding the worship and choir team members. He and his wife have two daughters together.


Thomas Nielsen serves as the Director of IT Department. As a programmer, he is very passionate about using IT Technologies to communicate the Gospel to many people in the city and abroad. He is also serving the community through providing free computer and cell phone repair service.

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